Jerry Pagane

Picture by Don Hogan Charles of the New York Times from the article

Jerry Pagane

Jerry Pagane has been painting signs since 1976. He is a graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University with a degree in fine arts. While teaching art at the Atlanta College of Art, an elderly neighbor taught him the art of gilding. According to the New York Times he has “ Glass for the canvas and gold on the brush ..and is one of only a handful of sign artists in the city who practice the traditional brush method of applying gold leaf to glass.” The Villager describes his work as ”a staple of the city’s landscape. In dozens of storefront windows the gold lettering that adds a touch of antique elegance, like at Balthazar on Spring Street in Soho or the Trump Building on Wall St, is his trademark.”

Well-Known Clients

Governor Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Trump Building, World Trade Tower No.1, Wild Blue Restaurant, Keith McNally-Balthazar’s, Drew Nieporent, Ford Art Foundation and well known local East Village sites include 9th Street Espresso, CaraCas, and Zucker’s Bakery.


Jerry has received recognition for his work in articles, a documentary, videos. In 2013 He received the Acker Award for painting. The Acker Awards -"is a tribute given to members of the avant garde arts community who have made outstanding contriibutions in their discipline in defiance of convention...." Jerry was a 2005 recipient of the prestigious Sepp Leaf “The Pride of Place” award.

Jerry in his studio article