Jerry Pagane

Jerry Pagane in front of his paintings


Dates: August 22-September 9, 2017

Opening Reception: September 5, 2017 from 6-9pm

Location: Clayton Patterson’s Outlaw Gallery (by appointment)

161 Essex Street, New York, NY 10002

CONTACT: Clayton Patterson, 646-612-0624 or

EXHIBIT BY DEAF ARTIST CELEBRATES 200th Anniversary of American Sign Language Jerry Pagane is an artist living on the Lower East Side for many years. He was born without ears and left on a church doorstep at birth on Christmas Eve, 1948 in Pittsburgh PA. Jerry’s condition was so unique that the City created a new agency to deal with children born deaf. Jerry was placed in foster care, group homes and orphanages until placed as teenager with a loving supportive family who embraced him with love and acceptance and created a turnaround for him. He excelled and developed into an artist, the first deaf person to graduate from Carnegie Mellon University with a BFA in 1975. Jerry’s work has received many awards over the years and some of his works were recently included in “Not Yet: On the Reinvention of Documentary and the Critique of Modernism,"Martha Rosler’s “If You Lived Here” Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid Spain 2015

Jerry’s work has frequently focused on the life and times of the LES, but recent works have focused on American Sign Language symbols, actually his first language. The exhibit is composed of 13 drawings w/color washes and 4 paintings-acrylic on canvas. Most of the framed drawings are 44” X 30”, with 2 smaller ones 22.5” x 30”(“BLUE” & “YELLOW”) & “THANK YOU” 32” X 42”; paintings(LOVE) is 44’ x 48”, “YES” & “HELLO” are 48” x 38”W.

The gallery works can be viewed by appointment by contacting Clayton Patterson directly at 646-612-0624 or by email.